Focus your training on the needs 
of children and adolescents.

Focus your training on the needs
of children and adolescents.

Child and Adolescent Psychology Curriculum

Doctoral courses are scheduled during all three terms in an academic year. Classes are offered on weekdays as well as weekends during morning, afternoon and evening hours. Students should take courses in the proper sequence to satisfy prerequisites for advanced courses and to prepare for practicum placements. More detailed information, including course descriptions, can be found in the Adler School catalog.

Year One

Fall Term Credits = 12
Spring Term Credits = 11
Summer Term Credits = 11
PSY- 600: Clinical Interviewing and Basic Skills (3 credits) PSY-645: Professional Development in Psychology: Issues and Ethics (3 credits) PSY-623: Life Span Development (3 credits)
PSY-648: Psychopathology I
(3 credits)
PSY-649: Psychopathology II (3 credits) PSY-642: Diversity and Individual Differences
(3 credits)
PSY-654: Diversity and Professional Development Seminar (0 credits) PSY-655: Diversity and Community Service Seminar I (1 credit) PSY-656: Diversity and Community Service Seminar II (1 credit)
PSY-659: Community Psychology (3 credits) PSY-657: Community Service Practicum (1 credit) PSY-658: Community Service Practicum II (1 credit)
PSY-661: Integrative Assessment I: Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment
(3 credits)
PSY-Integrative Assessment II: Objective Personality Assessment and Self-Report Measures (3 credits) PSY-663:Integrative Assessment III: Performance-Based Personality Assessment
(3 credits)


Year Two

Fall Term Credits = 14
Spring Term Credits = 14 credits
Summer Term Credits = 7 credits
PSY-644: Child & Adolescent Psychopathology (3 credits) PSY-711: Adlerian Therapy II: Psychodynamics of Psychopathology and Interventions (3 credits) PSY-723: Couples and Family Therapy Approaches
(3 credits) 
PSY-709: Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictive Disorders (3 credits) PSY-720: Cognitive-Behavior Approaches to Intervention
(3 credits)
PSY-724: Biological Bases of Behavior (3 credits)
PSY-710: Adlerian Therapy I: Intro to Assessment and Case Conceptualization
(3 credits)
PSY-738: Research Methods for Clinical Psychology
(3 credits)
PSY-739:: Research Methods (2 credits)
PSY-737: Statistics
(3 credits)
PSY-751: Doctoral Practicum Seminar II (1 credit) PSY-752: Doctoral Practicum Seminar III (1 credit)
PSY-750: Doctoral Practicum Seminar I (1 credit) PSY-761: Doctoral Practicum (1 credit) PSY-762: Doctoral Practicum III (1 credit)
PSY-760: Doctoral Practicum I (1 credit) PSY-783: Advanced Child and Adolescent Assessment
(3 credits)
  PSY-790: Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Examination Assessment (0 credits)  


Year Three

Fall Term Credits = 11
Spring Term Credits = 8
Summer Term Credits = 8
PSY-757: Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
(3 credits)
PSY-805: Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
(3 credits)
PSY-835: Social Determinants of Mental Health (3 credits)
PSY-860: Doctoral Practicum IV (1 credit) PSY-832: Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
(3 credits)
PSY-852: Doctoral Practicum Seminar VI (1 credit)
PSY-833: Social Psychology (3 credits) PSY-851: Doctoral Practicum Seminar V (1 credit) PSY-862: Doctoral Practicum VI (1 credit)
PSY-834: History and Systems (3 credits) PSY-861: Doctoral Practicum V (1 credit) PSY-897:Doctoral Dissertation Proposal
(0 credits)
PSY-850: Doctoral Practicum Seminar IV (1 credit) PSY-890: Doctoral Clinical Qualifying Exam, Intervention (0 credits) One Basic Intervention Elective (3 credits)
PSY-896: Doctoral Dissertation Preparation Seminar (0 credits)    


Year Four

Fall Term Credits = 8
Spring Term Credits = 8
Summer Term Credits = 2
PSY-901: Doctoral Dissertation I (0 credits)  PSY-902: Doctoral Dissertation II (0 credits)

PSY-903: Doctoral Dissertation III (0 credits)

PSY-950: Advanced Practicum Seminar I (1 credit) PSY-910: Supervision and Management (3 credits) PSY-912: Psychopharmacology
(2 credits)
PSY-960: Advanced Practicum I (1 credit) PSY-951: Advanced Practicum Seminar II
(1 credit)
One Advanced Intervention Elective (3 credits) PSY-961: Advanced Practicum (1 credit)  
One General Elective
(3 credits)
One General Elective
(3 credits)


Year Five

Fall Term Credits = 0
Spring Term Credits = 0
Summer Term Credits = 0
PSY-920: Doctoral Internship (0 credits) PSY-921: Doctoral Internship (0 credits) PSY-922: Doctoral Internship (0 credits)
PSY-998: Doctoral Oral Defense (0 credits)    

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